Balcatta Glass specialises in all types of glass manufacturing, repairs and service Glass and Mirror cut to size while you wait - At Balcatta Glass we offer a while you wait service. We also offer the following expert glass servicing


Glass cut to size while you wait - At Balcatta Glass we offer a while you wait service - glass or mirror - we also stock a range of silicones, putty, glass cutters for DIY. We also offer the following expert glass servicing

  • Standard glass available 2mm through to 10mm thickness, obscure glass and laminate safety glass
  • Glass tops for furniture - protect your coffee table, bedside table or dining table with a polish glass top - clear, grey, bronze or obscure available
  • Picture glass cut to size
  • Perspex-clear or obscure
  • Car sideview mirror replacement carried out at our premises


Looking to add light and space to your home? One easy and affordable way to achieve this is by adding mirrors, which will immediately give a spacious feel.

At Balcatta Glass, our Australian-made mirrors can all be cut to size while you wait, with bevelling and polishing services also available on premises. Our showroom also boasts some of the best mirror displays in Perth, including a large display of ready-to-hang mirrors.

Our range includes:

  • Bevel edge mirrors – choose from single, double or triple bevel
  • Handmade scalloped mirrors
  • Custom made bar mirrors and shelving
  • Framed bathroom mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors to give the ultimate illusion of space
  • Dressing room mirrors
  • Gym mirrors
  • Bathroom cabinet hatches with finger grips


Forget old-fashioned shower curtains – it’s time to treat yourself and your bathroom to a stylish shower screen. At Balcatta Glass, we offer a range of made-to-measure glass shower screens, both fully framed and frameless.

Our framed series of shower screens are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom, while still retaining a classic feel. They’re easy to clean, and are designed using the highest quality materials.

Our frameless series are the perfect choice for today’s modern bathrooms. Sleek and stylish, they come in a range of designs and can also help to add value to your home.

If you’d like to know more, contact us or visit our showroom where you can talk to one of our dedicated glaziers.


Our custom-made glass shelves are made to measure your exact requirements. If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your home or business, glass shelving is the perfect choice.

Consider the following when choosing your glass shelving:

  • Glass tints – a variety of tints are available
  • Glass thickness
  • Edging – such as a bevelled or polished edge
  • Shapes – your shelves don’t have to be rectangular

For more information on the type of glass shelving we can offer you, contact us or visit our showroom today.


Are you getting fed up having to keep letting your pets in and out to answer the call of nature? If the answer is ‘yes’, then why not consider a pet door? At Balcatta Glass, our range of pet doors can be cut to fit any space, and installed by our experienced team with minimal fuss.

The cost of your pet door will depend on several different factors:

  • The size of your pet
  • The type of glass required
  • The dimensions of the glass panel
  • The type of frame around the existing glass panel

Contact us to organise your free measure and quote today.

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